关于公司 About Hermes
    Chengdu Hermes Technology Co., Ltd. (the “Hermes”, stock code: 872720) is a professional avionics system supplier and 3D visual cloud operator, and has member enterprises, e.g. Chengdu ZR Aerospace Technology Co., Ltd. (the “ZR”) and Chengdu 3D Visual Cloud Information Technology Co., Ltd., etc. Through the first round of strategic financing, the company has introduced the national strategic emerging industry fund of Chengyi Investment Management, a subsidiary of state-owned enterprise Shenergy Group.

    The company is a national high-tech enterprise, innovative and entrepreneurial team of “Recruitment Program of Global Experts” in Sichuan Province, top team of “Drifter in Chengdu” Plan, member enterprise of National Business Aviation Association (NBAA), member unit of Sichuan Software Industry Association, member enterprise of Association of Chengdu Talent Development and Promotion and “civil-military integration” identified enterprise in Chengdu City, and military industry qualifications of its subsidiary the “ZR” are complete.
航空业务 Aviation Business
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